Giving Surgeons the Freedom to Innovate Next Generation MIS Bone-Resection Procedures with Breakthrough Technology.

Our Mission

Enabling Surgeons to Treat Bone Pathology Never Before Reached Endoscopically by Combining High-Speed, High-Torque Rotation with Stiff Articulation.

By innovating the technology and engineering of tomorrow, JPI aims to improve minimally invasive orthopedic solutions to joint degeneration, empowering people to stay active.

We firmly believe that better patient outcomes in the form of a smaller surgical footprint, faster recoveries and lower revision rates can only be achieved while also enhancing the surgeon's accuracy, precision and efficiency.

Our Product

Introducing Articulator™ Bone Resector

JPI’s Articulator™ Bone Resector – High-Performance Multi-Angular Rotation
Carbide head for improved cutting efficiency.
Double Fluted for smoother, easier cut.
Production Design Surgeon-Tested in Arthroscopic Cadaver Lab
An Articulator™ Bur Materially Improves Efficiency, Precision and Accuracy in Bone Resection, Significantly Reducing Surgical Time and Learning Curve
Differentiated Gateway Offering with Widespread Stakeholder Appeal
Hospitals Positioned to Save 10-30 mins per procedure
Surgeons intuitively handle Articulator™ without training
More accurate bone resection lower revision surgery risk
Minimizes soft tissue disruption improving recovery time
Critical innovation makes bundled packages more attractive
Near-Term Cross-Platform Opportunities Accessible with Minimal Redesign
MIS Spine: Articulator™ Breakthrough technology is being modifed to suit applications in MIS/Endoscopic spine surgery, reducing the surgical exposure required for accurate bone resection
ENT & CMF: Articulating rotary cutting technology can be modified for otolaryngological and craniomaxillofacial surgical applications
Breakthrough Device Designation
Mid-Term Opportunities in Robotic Surgery
Joint Replacement: Replacing fixed angle bur tools with  Articulator™ adds degrees of freedom at the distal end, significantly upgrading the robot’s access, efficiency, and ergonomics
Robotic Spine:  Marrying the accuracy of robotic navigation with the Articulator™ Bur’s 601% increased cutting surface could facilitate the transformation of predominantly open spine procedures to MIS
Breakthrough Device Designation
Straight Bur Versus Articulator™

An Articulator™ Bur Materially Improves Efficiency, Precision and Accuracy in Bone Resection, Significantly Reducing Surgical Time and Learning Curve

Case Study: Straight Bur Versus Articulator™

Standard 5.5mm Straight Bur
Straight bur is awkward to use when trying to reach tight space, limited visualization of cutting tip and time consuming to repeatedly reposition
JPI 5.0mm Articulator™ Bur
Articulator™ allows for improved visualization and reach due to better triangulation, ergonomic handling and time efficient burring
The smallest radius of movement for any arthroscopic powered instrument.
Precision around corners with less soft-tissue disruption.
Improved access to the acromion and distal clavicle in the shoulder.
Optimized reach to cam lesion and subspine bone pathology in the hip
Applications in ankle and knee arthroscopy.
Articulating tip increases visualization of cutting bur head by optimizing triangulation
Increased Cutting Surface Area

601% Increased Cutting Surface Area with Articulating Rotary Burs: Implications for Bone Resection in Arthroscopic, Spinal and Robotic Surgery

Cutting Surface Area of Straight Arthroscopic Bur vs Novel Articulating Rotary Bur

A quantified 3D point cloud analysis study performed by Joint Preservation Innovations demonstrated that JPI’s Arthroscopic Articulator™ has 601% more cutting surface area than a standard 5.0mm fixed angle straight bur allowing unparalleled bone resection performance and reach during bone resection procedures

5.0 mm Straight Arthroscopic Bur

0° Degree Articulation
Cutting Surface Area
Total Cutting Surface Area: 0.081 inches2

5.0 mm  Articulator™ Bur

0° Degree Articulation
15° Degree Articulation
30° Degree Articulation
Cutting Surface Area
Total Cutting Surface Area: 0.568 inches2
Surgical Approaches

Long-Term Opportunity to Revolutionize Orthopaedic Surgical Approaches

Approach for Total Shoulder Arthroplasty
Next generation applications could leverage JPI’s distal motion technology to transformatively bring open surgical procedures to MIS
FDA believed Articulator’s™ robotic applications could be “in the best interest of patients” in recent Breakthrough Device Designation awarded in 2023
Breakthrough Device Designation

Our Journey




Design Freeze on Arthroscopic Articulator™ Bone Resector


Initial Patent awarded for
Key Technology


Clinical Validation of Arthroscopic Articulator™ Bone Resector with Test Surgeons


Awarded FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for Spinal and Robotic Surgical Applications


Finalization of Scalable Quality Management System and Manufacturing Processes


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The Team


JPI was founded as a collaborative design opportunity for the artistic expression of top talent across a variety of disciplines. Our network of 20+ partners is a key element in our ability to deliver high-returns on invested capital. Going forward, we anticipate this difficult-to-replace capability serving future R&D endeavors equally well.

The following positions have been especially critical:

Lead Design Engineer

Manufacturing Lead

Regulatory Lead

Quality System Lead

Our Leadership

Sanjeev Bhatia

Co-Founder and CEO
MD – Leading Orthopaedic Surgeon, Researcher and Inventor

Peter Millett

MD, MS – Pioneering Surgeon, Prolific Author and Transformational Innovator

Hardik Goel

Co-Founder & CFO
Former Wall Street Analyst, SVP at Premier Public REIT

SAB Team

Mina Considine


Tyson Schumm


Josue Ortiz


Donavon Mayer


Marta Witting


Chauncey Hirthe


Otis Wisoky

Our unique technological solutions are covered by a broad intellectual property portfolio that is continually being strengthened domestically and internationally. Please contact us for further information.
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The following Joint Preservation Innovations (JPI) products are protected by patents in the United States, and in other foreign jurisdictions.
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